Maureen is an international visionary artist, yogini and healer. She's been practicing and studying yoga since 2005. She has a fine arts degree in textiles from the Savannah College of Art and Design and ran her own design studio in Brooklyn, New York for over eight years. She left NYC in 2013 and went on a quest to explore different cultures + traditional handicrafts and to search for a deeper meaning of life. In the process she studied many healing modalities, yoga practices and art forms around the globe. In 2018 she spent eight months as the artist in residence at a retreat center in Northern India where she created three large scale murals for the community and deepened her practice immensely. 


Maureen uses the practices of meditation and yoga to create expansive. large scale works of art. She's inspired by the magic and intricacy of nature, sacred geometry, intuition, surfing and the healing power of the ocean. She is also a trained craniosacral therapist and is passionate about weaving together the creative and healing arts.




Life coach | Yoga & Meditation Teacher | Humble Student of Life


Living with an open heart, she is passionate about empowering others to awaken and realise their true potential, to experience greater freedom & love in all aspects of life, to courageously explore and express their unique Self in this world, and most of all to laugh a lot along the way!

Since beginning her yogic studies in 2012 she has taught in India and Australia in studios, detox retreats and a healing school, as well as facilitating on yoga teacher trainings in Thailand.


Her ever-evolving yoga journey eventually led to the foothills of the Himalayas where she connected to Master Anand Mehrotra (Founder of Sattva Yoga) an inspirational teacher and guide. Her experience and studies at Sattva expanded her unique teaching style. Weaving Meditation, Kundalini, Kriya, Laya yoga techniques, Bhakti, Free Movement, and a sense of Humour, Amy will guide you to create with an open heart and discover your inner source of Blissful, Creative + Intuitive Flow.

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